What we are preparing now?

July is a very crazy month because of production line overloaded. Every day is arranging shipment and rush shipping company pick up products asap to ensure customers could receive products in time.

Sometimes Fedex is out of control because their warehouse is overloaded. Then may delay our shipment, once we received updated information, we inform our customer asap and switch to the fastest delivery company to ensure everything goes well. That's why some of our customers could receive products in 4 business days, and some customers may receive it in 7 business days or 10 business days. We are trying our best to sort it out.

Another thing is we are preparing a new design inflatable SUP board. I like flowers very much, so we are working on some new design inflatable paddleboard with flowers on it. Maybe you will see it on 15th August on AMGSPORT.

I know there are 0 reviews now and some customers are worried about us, but I also appreciate some customers trust and place orders to us.

Thank you guys! I wish everything goes well with you.


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