About US

About Us

​​"AMGSPORT" is an idea that came out when I went to enjoy my summer holiday on a beach with some friends. Seaside is a holy place we yearn for in Summer. Take the SUP board and play with three or five friends or enjoy the sport with our family is undoubtedly an Exciting choice.

"AMGSPORT" means "AMAZING SPORT", I hope this brand can give the feeling of "Amazing" to people who like to play with SUP board like me, and fully enjoy the fun of water sports when they using our products.

SUP board is very attractive for people who like surfing game: paddlers no longer had to be near an ocean to enjoy feeling a board beneath their feet. You can SUP on any body of water - flat, waves, no waves, rivers. Not only that, stand up paddle surfing gave a breath of new life into surfing. You can now paddle out of crowded surf breaks to a lesser-known wave or break and paddle surf in peace.

The world's first true rowers. In Peru, as early as 3000 BC, fishermen used an ancient boat, they called it "Caballitos de Totora" (Caballitos de Totora), made of reeds, very unstable. The Peruvian fisherman used long bamboo poles similar to paddles to propel and guide the boat. If you believe this legend, the fisherman will enjoy surfing after a hard day's work. In ancient Africa, warriors used a spear as a paddle to approach the enemy quietly. Somewhere between the 8th and 13th centuries AD, the Arabs used their Kazakhs—a paddle-shaped boat—to fish, and were later used by lifeguards. Obviously, the paddleboard movement has mysterious and ancient roots.

After knowing a little bit about the history of the SUP board, what should you look for in a paddleboard today? Our "AMGSPORT" is focusing on providing customer high quality at affordable prices. You can get the latest and coolest design with us. If you’re looking to save money, skip the expensive accessories like carbon fiber paddles and exotic materials. Instead, look for inflatable SUP boards. Easy to carry, easy to operate, and gives you an "Amazing" experience at any time.

This is a new brand, but our factory has more than 10 years of experience in the industry to ensure 100% quality guarantee, our mission is to bring "Amazing“ feeling to customer. If you have some suggestions or design ideas about our products. Welcome to contact us and share it with us to help us improve our product to more excellent.